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There’s a lot of overpriced boof being hyped in the Canadian cannabis market these days. There’s also a lot of well-priced, consistently well-cured quads you’d never know about unless you bought and tried everything.

Stash Magazine Volume 3 Softcover

This information gap presents a problem for the Canadian cannabis enthusiast.

Stash helps make sure your weed money is well spent. We review dozens of cannabis strains every season from across the country, even taking microscopic photos of each cultivar’s trichomes to help inform our reporting.

Stash Magazine Volume 2 Softcover

We interview C-level executives and front-line workers alike to understand the true story of a company instead of just reading an email from a brand rep. We conduct in-depth investigative reporting on stories that matter to those who want a sustainable industry and when the powerful obstruct us. There’s too much competition and not enough consumer dollars to justify the low quality weed still on dispensary shelves. We want to help tip that balance back towards the consumer.

Stash is free to read and free of advertisements and will always remain that way. 

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