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Volume 3 (Winter 2021)

In the spring of 2021 Daniel Saez filed a civil lawsuit against OGEN Ltd. It is the third time a former employee has sued the company for wrongful or constructive dismissal. Since then we’ve collected dozens of hours of interviews, court filings, bankruptcy records, ownership information and other public documents to help describe the working environment at OGEN. The findings of our six month long investigation are contained in our latest release: Volume 3.

Stash Magazine Volume 3 Hardcover Edition
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In this issue the Ontario cannabis retail landscape is examined and some of its most creative contenders are highlighted in a section called “Now Open.” Interviews with Royal City’s leadership ahead of its acquisition by Entourage, a piece on Ganja Yoga and our investigative project about the toxic workplace at OGEN all appear in this freshest drop.

Volume 2 (Spring 2021)

In Volume 2 we take a closer look at those making waves in Canada’s cannabis industry as it navigates the pandemic. With long reads on Cody Coulson, Jesse Lavoie of Tobagrown and Msiku this volume also includes an infographic timeline of the history of cannabis in Canada.

Stash Magazine Volume 2 Hardcover Edition
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High quality photography, in-depth reporting and a refined aesthetic combine for a truly enjoyable reading and collecting experience. Introducing in this issue a partnership with Lifted Leaf : the adult coloring book for cannabis enthusiasts. Yes, that means you can color in it. 

Volume 1 (Fall 2020)

Created by award winning journalist Will McEwen, Stash Magazine is a thoughtful, beautiful take on the best of the Canadian cannabis landscape. For medicinal patients and recreational cannabis enthusiasts alike Stash combines stunning macrophotography, visual art and authentic, in-depth writing for a truly unique portrait of the Canadian cannabis industry.

Stash Magazine Volume 1 Hardcover
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