Animal Face Rap Video: Lord Juco and Pretty.Ugly

Animal Face Rap Video: Lord Juco and Pretty.Ugly

Toronto rappers Lord Juco and Pretty.Ugly recently combined forces to wax eloquent about one of the best cannabis brands in the legal Canadian market. Their new track Animal Face is named after Carmel Cannabis signature strain and perfectly captures the licensed producer’s vibe.

Produced by J-Wizdom with cuts by Dystrakted the track is chill and a bit dark, a tight foil that lets the lyricism shine through clearly.

“I do it selfish. Carmel, get it melted.
Back to back L’s of Dark Helmet.
I’m in my element. Mellowed out, I’m elegant.

Now I’m ready as the last one. Smoke you like MAC 1
I don’t pass none

– Excerpt of Lord Juco verse on Animal Face

“Ayo you dealin’ with Canada’s greats.
We be in the lab rollin’ up the Animal Face.
You wanna know how the cannabis taste.
Shorty, I been smokin’ on that shit that send yo man into space.

Smokin’ on that homegrown player.
Nuff to put a hole in the ozone layer.

– Excerpt of Pretty.Ugly’s vers on Animal Face

Although both rappers are on the come up Lord Juco somehow managed to get Westside Gunn, Conway, Benny and Roc Marciano as features on his 2018 album Tiffany Joints (definitely worth a listen).

The video is shot in T.O.’s alleys and on its stoops but mostly takes place in someone’s basement, which is littered with NES and SNES shit. The powerful yet sleek Duck Hunt gun features heavily.

Carmel is one of Canada’s best licensed cannabis producers. Their genetics bank is deep and they’ve even recently bred their own cultivar: Dim Mac. It’s a cross of their MAC 1 and Dark Helmet that leans heavy on limonene terps. We’ll be getting to know them a bit more for a feature in Volume 4 [we are still working on Vol 3 which we hope to release before Christmas], but they were one of the first LPs to show terpene, lineage and breeding history on their packaging. Originally bred by the infamous Seed Junky folks, Carmel’s Animal Face has been used by Persy to produce a high end live rosin and the flower continues to be a top seller across Ontario (when it hits shelves!). Ultimately, they’re a company that shows the industry it doesn’t need to depend on cheap labour and cheap suits to dominate.

You can see their Animal Face up close in Volume 2 or right here on the blog.

In the meantime take a minute to spark one and roll this video.

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