Animal Face by Carmel

Carmel Cannabis has done an incredible job raising the bar for the entire industry over the past few months. As part of their first round of cultivars Animal Face smacked the Ontario rec market with what everyone wants: high terps and high thc at a reasonable price point. It’s not that much of an ask is it?

Until Carmel came along the only company we could really count on for consistent attention to quality at this price would have been Msiku or Royal City. Carmel was also the first company to report all kinds of valuable product information directly on their packaging. Genetics origin and breeding history, dominant terpenes…all the basics producers should be giving consumers.

Animal Face - Carmel Cannabis - Vol 2 - Stash

Animal Face was bred by Seed Junky and the folks at Carmel selected theirs from over 100 phenos. They describe it as a “flavorful sativa that packs a punch” with “unique flavours of lemon and cake.”

The bags our staff have tried, including the 7g format available now have presented incredibly dense nugs that grind up stickier than glue. The aroma and terpene profile express heavily on limonene and linalool, floral and sweet, while the ash burns snow-white. The psychoactive effects were in line with what an educated consumer should expect from a premium sativa like this.

Animal Face - Carmel Cannabis - Vol 2 - Stash

The photos above first appeared in Volume 2. We’ll be watching and including Carmel Cannabis in all of our reporting from here on out. In particular we are excited to try their MAC 1 which they’ve been teasing in their social feeds.

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