Port North Extracts’ Cherry Boat Premium Live Rosin Syrup Vape Cartridge

Port North Extracts' Cherry Boat Premium Live Rosin Syrup Vape Cartridge

There aren’t many hashmakers like the fellas at Port North Extracts. Cody Coulson, his brother Brett, and childhood friend Kurtis Ohm are most well known in Ontario for the Animal Face Hash Rosin products they pushed out last year under their premium Persy brand. Under the Port North banner, the group aims to put out industry-leading hash-derived goodies at a more accessible price.

With the Cherry Boat Live Rosin Syrup cart Port North demonstrates to both cannabis consumers and producers what “pinnacle” means. Most heavy vape users understand the need to trade quality for the convenience of the form. The process of adding “botanical terps” to THC distillate to bridge this gap has become common but is more about selling aging inventory and boosting cashflow than it is about providing consumers with something that tastes good and doesn’t wear off in a few minutes. Full spectrum carts have begun to arrive but are almost exclusively made using solvents, which can leave harmful residues while also damaging volatile terpenes and esthers. It’s a cheap way for producers to convert their larf and boof into something profitable but leaves the consumer’s palate wanting more. Once again, solventless extraction comes to the rescue.

Port North Extracts Cherry Boat Live Rosin Syrup Vape Cartridge 510 Thread Cody Coulson

The team at Port North Extracts uses ice-water to gently wash the trichome heads off of carefully selected cannabis. They then dry, press and continue processing the resulting hash into a syrup which can be used in a vaporizer cartridge. The trick is to get the syrup runny enough it will soak into the heating element of the cartridge. Each strain is different but the general process involves heating and further pressing at different temperatures. 

The flower Port North used to make the rosin syrup comes from 7 Farms Down. As is typical for the ice-water process, the whole plant is frozen shortly after it is harvested in order to preserve as many volatile metabolites as possible. The folks behind 7 Farms Down claim a long heritage in the agricultural world. For their plants to be selected by Coulson is a huge nod to their abillity to produce quality.

Cherry Boat is a cross bred by 7 Farms Down with lineage including Cherry Pie, Chem 91, Top Dog Chem and a Pink Kush pheno. Port North used trichome heads in the 45-189 micron range which resulted in a purity of just over 90% with 76% cannabinoids and over 14% terpenes. The dominant terpenes tested were Caryophyllene, Farnesene and Humulene.

At a little over $40 before tax for 0.5 grams this solventless vape is a one of a kind repeat buy. A thick cherry cloud or two after work (or before!) and the heady, upbeat high will melt your stress. No need to whip out the dab rig, torch, q tips, isopropyl alcohol or anything else: just screw this 510 threaded cart into any compatible battery and haul away.

Have you tried this cart? What’s your favourite solventless product? Let us know in the comments!

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