Introducing the Stashcast: Episode 1 – Subsidium Secreto / Sieve Solventless

Introducing the Stashcast: Episode 1 - Subsidium Secreto / Sieve Solventless

In this first episode of StashCast, hosts Lucas Whichelo and Chris meet up with Subsidium Secreto. SS placed second in Canada’s Favourite Grower’s Contest this past year. He also produces hash under the name Sieve Solventless. The conversation takes listeners from a discussion about living soil and Health Canada regulations to what obstacles growers face when moving from legacy to legal.

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Peanut Butter Breath Hash Rosin by Sieve Solventless

Quotable Quotes from Subsidium Secreto:

On the results of their Sonic Screwdriver hash, donated for the Trichome Research Initiative aging study being conducted at High North Labs in Toronto:

We’re starting to see some cool stuff. I believe nine months is the latest data that’s been released so far. We saw a notable increase in THC-V. I don’t think there was any present at all in the initial sample and then there were measurable levels after the aging process.”

On the surplus of boof in Canada’s market:

“A lot of those thousands and thousands of kilos of surplus flower could very well be turned into hash. Temple balls take up a lot less space. It would be a lot more economical to store and would actually gain value over time.”

On the power of high quality cannabis products:

“Our topical has gotten people off opiates. People that are physically dependent on 10 pills a day have gotten fully off opiates — synthetic opiates at that — just using a topical, which doesn’t even get them high. There’s no psychoactivity to it.

CBD Tropicana hash rosin by Sieve Solventless

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes.

Things talked about on the podcast:

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