Master Kush Ultra by Smoker Farms is the best strain to smoke this year on 420

Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra MK Ultra

 This year’s 420 smoke is Master Kush Ultra by Smoker Farms

Master Kush Ultra by Smoker Farms is a heavy-hitting, tasty, dense and sticky cannabis strain from one Canada’s most experienced growers. This weed is top-end at an incredible price and as it’s now available in most markets we recommend you cop some ahead of this year’s 420 celebrations.

Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra MK Ultra

 Grown by Jeff and Sherri Aubin under the Smoker Farms banner, Master Kush Ultra comes from a cross of G13 and OG Kush. Originally bred by T.H.Seeds the strain won awards when it first appeared in the early 2000s. The Aubins have been growing it for more than 15 years in a beautiful and secluded little town in the Okanagan Valley.

“The Kettle river goes through here,” Aubin says. “We all flock to it for cooling off for tubing. It’s just beautiful.”  

A classic, pine-heavy indica for the ages

The effects of MK Ultra are typical of most “indica” leaning hybrids: there’s a strong sense of relaxation, pain relief and mood-boosting euphoria. Its what most of us would expect from such a classic strain and Smoker Farms delivered incredibly well on this front. The nugs are dense and sticky. They’re perfectly trimmed. Coloration on the bracts variesĀ from a heavy forest green to a bright, almost shiny pastel lime.

Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra MK Ultra

Master Kush Ultra’s aroma is pine-forward with a thick and earthy base throughout the toke. It reminds us of a late Spring walk through Kelowna’s forests. At 24% THC and almost 4% terpenes the smoke is thick and creamy with cannabinoids, esthers and other delicious metabolites. Smoker Farms brought their MK Ultra to market through BC Black’s label. 

Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra MK Ultra

“It’s a challenging industry,” Aubin says. “You don’t get into this thinking you’re going to make a million bucks right out of the gate. I’m trying to grow the best cannabis in Canada. Whether I will get to that or not, I don’t know. But that’s what I strive for every single day. It’s a constant pursuit.”

It’s tough to say who is Canada’s best grower but the Aubins are in the running. So why not enjoy 420 this year with a classic, relaxing and giggle-inducing strain from one of Canada’s best growers. Cop yourself some Master Kush Ultra from Smoker Farms and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Smoker Farms Master Kush Ultra MK Ultra

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