The Easiest and Fastest Way to Clean Your Bong

First Harvest: Publisher's Note for Volume 1 of Stash Magazine - Fall 2020

Any regular cannabis enthusiast understands the convenience of bongs and pipes when it comes to smoking weed but they also know just how grimy and dirty their glassware can get. There are many different ways to clean your bong but in our opinion the absolute best, fastest and easiest way to clean your own bong is with Scrubber Duckys. That’s why we decided to offer them in our shop.

Scrubber Duckys are the best tool for cleaning your bong. Consisting of two very strong magnets, the Scrubber Duckys can get into all of those hard to reach spaces in your bong.

When used in combination with a cleaning solvent like isopropyl alcohol you’ll see cannabis resin melt off your bong with little to no effort. Scrubber Duckys are great for cleaning other household items like water bottles and mason jars, too.

Remember to recycle and reuse your cleaning solvent to reduce your impact on the environment and keep more cash in your pocket.

How to clean your bong (with Scrubber Duckys)

If the video embedded above isn’t enough we’ve put together a simple, step-by-step list of instructions to help you clean your bong. No shame here, everyone deserves a clean bowl:

  1. Rinse all of the pieces of your bong in very hot water, as hot as you can stand it. (Tip: use a pair of pliers or tongs to hold smaller pieces of glass under the faucet). This removes most of the weed resin that’s built up over time and will help make your cleaning solution last longer.
  2. Pour some cleaning solution into a container. We personally prefer isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Place the smaller glass pieces in the container to soak while you clean the bong itself.
  4. Pour some cleaning solution into the bong. Seal up the openings with your hands and tilt the bong upside down and right side up again a few times.
  5. Drop your yellow Scrubber Ducky pad into the solution inside your bong. Bring the green square-shaped magnet close to the side of the bong and you’ll see the yellow scrubber pad whip over to it. As you move the green magnet you’ll see the yellow scrubber pad move as well, cleaning as it goes just like a sponge on a dish.
  6. Don’t pour out your cleaning solution even if it looks very dirty. It can still be re-used to break down cannabis resin. Use a funnel to put the dirty cleaning solution back in its original bottle.
  7. Rinse the bong with warm water and clean with mild soap and dishcloth or sponge.
  8. Use pipe cleaners to help clean the smaller pieces that have been soaking in the cleaning solution. Rinse them with warm water and remember to pour the cleaning solution back into its original container. Isopropyl alcohol in particular can be problematic for city water systems.
  9. Dry your bong’s components, load up that sparkly bowl and rip one through some crisp clean water.

Seriously, the Scrubber Duckys are the best tool for cleaning your bong quickly and effortlessly. One set has lasted our publisher over two years. Get yours now in our shop.

Do you have any bong cleaning tips? Share them in the comments.

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