TobaRolls Launch as Manitoba Lawsuit Heads to Court

TobaRolls Launch as Manitoba Lawsuit Heads to Court

When Jesse Lavoie purchased his first TobaRoll at Garden Variety in Winnipeg last week it marked a historic moment. For the first time ever, Canadians can now support a not-for-profit organization with their cannabis dollars.

“This is a very proud moment,” Lavoie said. “I’m very happy that we were able to launch TobaRolls in both Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Now profit can start flowing to the charities we’ve chosen to support.”

TobaGrown TobaRolls Pre Roll

Profits from TobaRolls will flow to five charities that range in focus from housing to health care. In addition, revenue will flow towards supporting Lavoie’s fight against the Manitoba government’s ban on growing cannabis at home. 

TobaGrown Gets Its Day In Court

Lawyers Kirk Tousaw and Jack Lloyd arrived in Winnipeg this past weekend to prepare for TobaGrown’s only day in court: today. After hearing arguments from both sides the judge will then take three months to write a decision. Regardless of that decision, Lavoie expects an appeal from whichever side loses, meaning the issue will ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court of Canada.

To garner support for TobaGrown Lavoie spent the last two years travelling the province, visiting with nearly every retail outlet and grower. Videos of supporters signing the TobaGrown flag at these same stores or out front of the provincial legislature are just one indicator of the potential demand for TobaRolls.

“We’ve built relationships with these store owners,” he said. “Visiting them in person over the past few years to talk about what we’re doing on the lawsuit side and now the not-for-profit side has been an incredible experience.”

Lavoie partnered with grower Safari to fill the pre-rolls with a strain exclusive to TobaGrown: Lemon Cream Cake. The producer is known for high quality flower and often works with processors to make premium products such as live hash rosin. Lavoie is in talks with what he calls the TobaSquad, a group of Manitoba-based cannabis farmers supportive of TobaGrown, to start selling their flower soon but he went with Safari at first to avoid picking a favourite from the TobaSquad.

Safari Lemon Cream Cake

Dozens of retailers followed through on orders as soon as TobaRolls became available in late April. It’s a pattern Lavoie expects to continue.

This three pack of guilt-free, extra-dank pre-rolls can now be purchased by consumers in Manitoba and will soon find their way to Saskatchewan’s market. 

To learn more about TobaRolls and the other charities supported by its sales read this article.

To learn more about Lavoie’s fight for homegrowing in Manitoba (and Quebec) click here.

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